Founded in 1919 by Martin Fuchs, and set up as a manufacturer of metal household appliances and toys under the name Martin Fuchs Metallwarenfabrik, spielstabil can look back on a tradition of high-quality toy production spanning almost 100 years.

Toys quickly became one of the main items to be produced. Early products included musical spinning tops, play kitchens, children’s telephones and boats. Products made from plastic began to appear from the 1960s onwards. In 1985, production focus shifted to high-quality ‘made in Germany’ plastic toys, which have been sold under the brand name spielstabil ever since.

Today, spielstabil is well known for its sand toys, which provide long-lasting fun in the sand pit. However, spielstabil also offers a wide range of toys for play kitchens, bathtubs and gardens.

spielstabil places great value on materials, shapes and colours, which are particularly geared towards the needs of toddlers. As a result, the products are extremely comfortable to touch and have the best hygienic qualities.