5-Piece Magic Egg fashion

5-Piece Magic Egg fashion

Article No. 7212

The egg for the special sand experience: Consisting of a bucket, handle, sieve, small ocean sand mould and fish shovel, the Magic Egg combines many functions: sprinkling, sifting, playing in sand, storing away and carrying.

  • When filled with sand, the egg turns into a sand sprinkler
  • The upper part of the shell can be used by itself as a sieve
  • Thanks to its practical handle, the lower part becomes a small bucket and can be carried around
  • The mould inside the egg can be used to make a great figure from sand
  • The fish shovel is great for filling the bucket and can even float in water
  • After playing, everything fits back into the Magic Egg

The egg is approx. 17 cm high and all parts of the set are made of high quality, sturdy plastic.

11,5 x 17 x 11,5 cm